Memorial Mass

The sixth month of Eileen’s passing will be upon us shortly. We will have a Memorial Mass to mark this occasion. Please mark your calendars!

Eileen George

6th Month Memorial Mass
November 26, 2017
3:00 pm

St. John’s Church
44 Temple St.
Worcester, MA 01604

UPDATE: A reception will follow in the church hall.

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Priests Retreat

This is the week that Eileen normally gave her annual Priests Retreat. Six of the priests who cam regularly decided that they would make retreat together. Each year, I would record Eileen’s talks at the annual retreat, so the men decided to use the cd’s and our normal schedule. I had the privilege of celebrating Mass with my brother priests, sharing a meal, and some good conversation. Please pray for Eileen’s priests. She worked with priests since the 1960’s.

Prayer for Eileen’s intercession

Bishop Robert J. McManus graciously approved a prayer asking Eileen’s intercession.

If you would like a Holy Card of this prayer, write to the ministry. Donation to print more cards and continue Eileen’s ministry are gratefully accepted and tax deductible.

(It would be helpful if you could send a self addressed stamped envelope for holy cards. We are not many to do this work.)

Meet the Father Ministry
363 Greenwood Street
Millbury, Massachusetts 01527

91st Birthday

July 23rd would have been Eileen’s 91st Birthday. Although Eileen was very sick for years, we never imagined the day she would leave us.

Here are some pictures from Eileen’s lay retreat in Jun of 2016 at St. Benedict Abbey in Still River, MA. On June 16th there was a 90th birthday party.

(Please note, an update to this website is in the works.)

Presenting Eileen a birthday cake.

The whole gang celebrating Eileen’s 90th birthday

One of Eileen’s many birthday cards

Eileen was so happy. She loved her people, and enjoyed being with them.

A Special Final Service

 June 25 – Sunday, 3:00 PM

We will hold Eileen’s traditional Fourth Sunday Teaching and Healing Service as a farewell to St. John’s and all the years they hosted Eileen and in memory of our beloved Eileen. This service will be held in St. John’s upper church and followed by a reception in the lower hall as we did every month. Eileen’s family who are able will be present. Come show them your love for Eileen and support for them!

PLEASE help spread the word!

St. John’s Church
44 Temple St.
Worcester, MA
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