Update on Eileen’s health

Eileen was released from the hospital over a week ago. She is recovering, but still very weak. Continue to pray for her. She sends her love and prayers.

NO VISITORS PLEASE! Besides needing her rest. Eileen’s spiritual director has made her home off limits.

Eileen’s 4th Sunday Service this Sunday, April 23rd, at St. John’s is NOT CANCELLED. Eileen cannot be there due to her health. However, one of her priests will conduct the service and Eileen will pray for us all from home.

Prayers for Eileen

Lent is always a very difficult time for Eileen. However, she has not been feeling well for several months. Last Sunday, Eileen was not able to do her monthly service at St. John’s in Worcester.

Just a few days ago, Eileen was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and congenital heart failure.  Please pray for Eileen. However, DO NOT VISIT Eileen at home or the hospital. She is in need of a lot or rest and privacy. You can do a lot of good by praying and offering little sacrifices. It is her desire to get back to health so she can continue the Father’s work.

Annual Priests Retreat

Eileen held her annual Priests Retreat on September 5 – 9 at Saint Benedict Abbey in Still River Mass. There were 20 priests, including one bishop. During the week, we had inspiring, yet, challenging talks. Eileen loves her priests, but calls us to “be” who we are called to be by God. The included picture is following Mass and renewal of priestly vows on the Feast of the Birth of Our Lady.

2016 Priests Retreat

17 of the 20 priests following Mass and renewal of priestly vows on 8 September 2016