Upcoming retreat in Still River, MA

imagesWe have received questions about the upcoming retreat to be held at the St. Benedict Abbey in Still River, MA.

If you are in the New York / New England area is is probably best to drive. Priests who attended the annual Priests Retreat in September drive in from Rhode Island, Vermont, New Jersey, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia & Scranton) and other areas. You can find directions here.

If you are coming from further and would like to fly in. You can come into Providence, Boston and some come into Worcester. Those who choose to fly in must provide their own transportation to and from the airport.

There are various rooms at the Abbey. Most are single or double. Bed linens and towels are provided. Take your own toiletries. Bathrooms are private, but seperate from the rooms (each floor has a few).

Also, since it is the beginning of October, nights can be chilly. Check the weather here.

Be sure to register ASAP!

Update on Eileen

I saw Eileen on Monday. She was in rehab, and is doing much better. Eileen hopes to be at her service on Sunday. If she is not able to be there, she will have one of her priests fill in. Please continue to pray for Eileen!

Important Notices!

As I posted earlier this week, Eileen is in the hospital once again. Eileen requested that I ask for your prayers on this website. I saw Eileen on Wednesday and she is suffering. Please continue to pray!

Due to Eileen’s health, she may no longer fly or travel long distances. The upcoming retreat in November (St. Joseph-In-The-Hills) is cancelled.

There will be a retreat at St. Benedict Abbey, October 2-5. For more information select the “Schedule” link above.

Out of respect for Eileen’s privacy, please do not call or visit her home or the hospital. She needs much rest.

UPDATE: Eileen does not have the internet to read your comments. I will convey to her that you are all praying. If you would like to send her a little get well card, and write that you are praying, I am sure she would appreciate it. Send it to the ministry address and they will be given to Eileen.